Sometimes... your favorite design doesn’t get picked. Or you were off message and it didn’t make sense to show it to the client. Regardless, there are always a few that you are proud of that don’t get developed further. Below are some of those.

I wrote the headline and designed this comp for the Allin Consulting website. Ultimately, it was decided that this wasn’t the tone the firm was looking for and the design wasn’t developed further.

I was hoping to incorporate this image by Jim Erickson into an ad for one of CodeLab’s business offerings. So I wrote the accompanying headline and presented it to the client. It received a positive response, but unfortunately the offering that this concept promoted was soon canceled.

I designed and presented this website comp to Holy Family Academy and, at the same time, showed the client a comp of a tri-panel brochure. The school decided to move forward with the brochure but passed on the website.

This brochure was created to highlight Madico’s more environmental, greener side. When discussing the project, the client remarked that the imagery should project a more “environmental” feeling. After several rounds of edits, it was decided that this brochure was no longer going to be produced.