Print design is what I know best. I should hope so, as I’ve been doing it for nearly 20 years. Although I do a lot less of it these days, I have to say there is something gratifying about holding the finished product in your hands. Below are a few examples of print designs that I’ve done.

For its 2006 SunScape Dealer Conference at Lake Tahoe, Madico wanted to mail out a combination invitation/info packet. Using existing brand imagery, I designed this mini, custom die-cut folder that contained all the information a dealer would need to register for and learn about the conference.

I was approached by Holy Family Academy to create a pamphlet for visiting parents that would summarize the school’s philosophy and mission. The result was this three-panel pamphlet.

A local voice over artist asked me to create a press kit that could be mailed out as well as used as a leave-behind when meeting with prospective clients. He landed some gigs using the kits and received some compliments on the design too. I designed the logo, business cards, and the remainder of the kit.

These customizable print-on-demand postcards were part of a campaign to give SunScape Select film dealers easy access to marketing materials on which they could cost-effectively put their contact information. They were targeted toward homeowners and interior designers. Posters, brochures, and point-of-purchase displays were designed with a similar look and messaging.

This Quick Start Guide for Zoll was produced as a companion piece to tutorial videos (which I created) that were designed to increase physician user adoption of Zoll’s online LifeVest Network. The copy used in the brochure was taken directly from the scripts that I wrote for the videos.