I find ads similar to logos... in that a lot of information needs to be communicated in a small space, and I find that challenge appealing. Below are a few ads that I’ve worked on.

CodeLab wanted two minimalist ads to be placed in a few issues of a financial trade magazine. A copywriter provided the headlines and I created the designs. The third, smaller ad was created when the owner of CodeLab described the company’s sweet spot to me.

This Madico ad, which targeted commercial property owners and managers, ran in multiple trade publications. The layout for this ad came about after the client suggested that I combine two separate comps that I had created...and I’m pleased to say it was the right suggestion.

For this Allin Consulting ad, the visual was built around the copy because the copy had been written first. After this ad ran, the Web address printed in the ad received a significant number of hits.

Unbeknownst to me, some car window films contain metals that interfere with GPS and satellite radio. This ad was created to inform luxury vehicle owners that this wasn’t the case with Wincos Automotive Films.