Interactive design still amazes me. As an over-40 designer who remembers pasting up mechanicals and wrestling with type-gauge rulers, I really, really appreciate how quickly and easily changes can be made to interactive design. Below are a few of the interactive projects that I’ve worked on.

When rethinking its website, Allin Consulting requested that the home page have a hand-drawn element incorporated into it. When shown the above comp, which I designed and wrote the headline for, they decided to move forward with this design. The artwork, by Kevin Cornell was used only in the comp.

When Noven requested a redesign of its portal, I familiarized myself with the company’s brand guidelines and existing imagery, and presented the above comp for review. Noven chose this design and moved forward with building the portal.

When Madico’s site was redesigned in 2005, I chose more-natural imagery for the home page, and used more-traditional photos of buildings and cars as the user navigated deeper into the website. This design served Madico well for more than five years.

The Yankee Golden Retriever Club wanted its home page to feature a slide show as well as images for upcoming events. The picture theme was inspired by friends who love their dogs as much as they do their families. Above is the comp I designed, on which the current site is based.

This is one of several comps that I showed to Fulton County Schools for its new website. Since the district had the resources to build its own site, I supplied Fulton County Schools with the final Photoshop files after several rounds of edits.