I love designing logos. I think the reason I enjoy designing them is because so much needs to be communicated through proper font selection, simple icons, and color choices. I often find them to be the most enjoyable design challenges. Below are a few of my favorites.

After visiting this blacksmith’s forge and discussing what he was looking for, we decided on trying to create a logo with a “heavy” feel to it. The inspiration for the scrollwork section came while driving home from the forge when I noticed all the old ironwork as I passed through different country towns.

This logo is one of those classic “happy accidents.” While playing with the positive and negative space, I just happened to pull a black circle behind the white “g” and thought it looked great. Fortunately, so did the client!

While trying to work a footprint element into this design, I noticed that overlaying two feet made a pseudo heart shape. I thought it complemented the business name well enough, and so did the client.

This logo was designed for the Laramie County School District One portal. The request was that the logo incorporates the colors of the three schools and conveys “happy students.”

This logo was created for a hygienic film coating that prevents the growth of bacteria, mold, and fungi on a variety of surfaces, including doorknobs and other irregularly shaped objects. Since the product was being marketed to hospitals, I incorporated colors and symbols that would bring the health care industry to mind.

This was designed as part of a competition to create a logo for the Neo Nerd clothing line. The clothing line never came out, but I did win an iPod for the design. And if you’re wondering...yes, that’s a picture of me. (I’ve since traded the glasses for contacts and had that overbite fixed).