Welcome to my portfolio site.

I’m a graphic designer, and I’d like to think that my sense of design and visual communication was developed from years of honing my craft with patience and laser-focused discipline.

However I’m quite certain these skills were developed during my impressionable youth, while wasting countless hours watching cartoons and being bombarded by television commercials.

Commercials taught me that marketing messages need to be communicated clearly and targeted to the right audience, and that good design attracts attention while strong messaging holds attention. On the flip side, cartoons taught me that an anvil dropping on a coyote’s head was absolutely hilarious.

Please feel free to take a moment to review my work or, if you’re so inclined, read more about me.

My work experience:

My background includes print and interactive design, corporate branding, project and team management, and, most recently, the development of commercial and tutorial videos to increase user adoption of portals.

With nearly 20 years of corporate design experience, I’ve learned the importance of balancing well-crafted design with solid content and intuitive usability.

Some great clients I’ve done work for:

Over the years, I’ve done work for a diverse group of clients such as Microsoft, Madico Window Films, Dell, Bonaire Software Solutions, ZOLL Medical Corporation, and Kiva Systems.

Types of projects I’ve worked on:

I’ve also been known to write and edit copy, illustrate, and even assist in streamlining internal company processes.

A few projects I’ve worked on:

Madico Window Films – As part of a collaborative effort to unify Madico’s look and feel, I was involved with the design of Madico’s new brand direction. I worked with Madico and its print vendor to develop customizable, print-on-demand materials that successfully satisfied window film dealers’ marketing needs. I designed one incarnation of the company’s website, as well as its SunScape Select web site, and a number of logos, marketing materials, and trade booths.

Noven Pharmaceuticals, Inc. – In addition to redesigning the look of Noven’s portal, I was involved in a collaborative effort to create and develop two videos that increased employee user adoption of the new portal. I co-wrote, animated, designed, and produced an overview video shown to Noven employees during the portal launch event. I was also responsible for adding visual effects to the tutorial video, which was released the day of the launch.

ZOLL Medical Corporation – Tutorial videos and a brochure were developed in order to increase physician use of ZOLL’s LifeVest online patient management system. I co-wrote, created storyboards for, and produced the final instructional videos. I also designed a brochure to match the look and feel of ZOLL’s existing corporate materials that clearly communicated step-by-step instructions for the online patient management system.

Software skills:

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